Files and Filing Supplies

March 22, 2010

Files and Filing Supplies:

 Proper management of important day-to-day records is crucial to your organization. Even though we are in a world of increasing technology related advances in the form of digital media and database there are some things that cannot be completely relied upon when it comes to machines. It’s been an age old practice to maintain official records in the forms of files and folders. This is still practiced in offices around the world to maintain a hardcopy of the official transactions even though they are also being assorted and saved on the computer. For doing so there is a constant demand for file and filing supplies. There are innumerable options available when it comes to choosing these office supplies from the internet as well as any local office supply store. You may come across some great deals on certain files and filing supplies distributing websites on the internet.

Files and folders are used in a variety of professions, for instance in the teaching profession, files and folders are the ideal elements that holds together different teaching material as well as the grading sheets of students. The folders are just the perfect instrument to maintain all printable materials needed for training and instructional seminars. In the tourism and travel business, in the media and medical practice, law firms as well as in the restaurant business, it’s a great way to keep together all your records in a well organized manner. Whether they are medical records or judicial records they all need to be well sorted out in files and folders and kept well preserved in file cabinets. Even in cases of professionals like photographers, graphic artists, publishers and wedding planners these filing supplies help them create their own collection of their work and put them in what is called as presentation folders.

The use of these filing products keeps your work simple and clutter free. By using the most appropriate supplies you acquire greater storage and retrieval efficiency. It increases your efficiency of work and boosts productivity. There is a range of filing supplies available in the market today. A magazine file is an ideal product to sort out and manage mail, reports, trade publications, catalogs and more. Then there are specifically designed catalog racks for housing catalog sheets. Files fasteners is yet another product that helps in holding the papers and documents in place for easy viewing and copying. They allow folders to function as ring binders. File guides are used to organize the files such that we can find them easily. They could be associated with tabs where they are appropriately labeled according to the category of papers they hold. File pockets is another essential part of filing supplies that provides a secure and convenient method of transporting the files. Card filing can also be done which are miniature versions of the files available for documents. They are the most convenient items to store and retain important business cards and address cards.

Ray Smith


All about binders

March 22, 2010

All about binders:

Binders are files or folder-like structures that hold together any number of papers or documents together. It is the best way to organize documents belonging to a certain topic categorically into different sections and form booklets out of them. These booklets may or may not be adhered together permanently. It wholly depends on the type of binding you choose to perform on these documents. It is essential to keep records of things pertaining important information on the transaction of valuable assets especially at home and office. These could be in the form of bills or receipts or documents of other financial records. They are normally kept together in a binder by punching holes in them and inserting them onto circular or D-shaped rings that are fixed to the binder.

Apart from professional documents and financial documents, schoolwork papers, project reports, personal papers, photo albums, recipes, sports cards collection, needlecraft embroidery collections, yours and your family medical records, pet records and CD/DVD collections can all be organized using these binders. Amongst the permanent methods of binding are thermal binding and tape binding while the temporary form involves, ring binders, comb binders, wire binders, plastic binders and so on. The temporary form of binding involves punched pieces of paper held together by means of clamps running through the holes in the paper. The pitch of binding refers to the number of holes used for binding per inch. Where the wire binding uses a pitch of 3:1 and 2:1, the coil binding has a pitch of 4:1.  

In thermal binding hot glue is used to fasten the document to a cover and it produces a library book like appearance. Tape binding uses hot glue adhered to a tape-like long strip that subsequently wraps around the spine of the document. A binding machine is used for this purpose. Binding machines are also available that electronically punch equidistant holes on well aligned bunch of documents. These are later bound together using plastic combs or wire, metal or plastic rings passing through these holes. These are reversible kind of binding techniques which can be manipulated any time you need. These methods of binding provide more versatility since there are a lot of options available when it comes to choosing the binding elements like combs and wires.

Normally binders are available in standard sizes and shapes. However, you have an option of customizing your binding elements especially when you are using them for professional use. You could either imprint the company name or the company logo, specific colors or specific pictures onto the binders or form a unique line of binders for your brand. Sometimes the covers of the binders are not just made up of the conventional hardback book styles but may also constitute of vinyl covers which are provided with pockets that serve the purpose of holding loose papers, documents or business cards in the binders. We also have zipper binders that hold the papers together very well and keep them from falling out. 

Pat Beatty

Office supplies at amazing prices

March 11, 2010


Office supplies at amazing prices:

An office is not only the place in which you conduct your business but it reflects a lot about the business – its nature and potential. It is not just a space where people occupy seats on desks and go about minding their own business but it’s a place that, with the right interior furnishing and décor can make a lasting impression on your potential clients or office visitors. The kind of furnishing used and the office supplies arranged in and around the office surrounding indicates the professional nature of the business and involves a lot of systematic planning.

When it comes to setting up a new office space for an upcoming business or while shifting to a new office the first and foremost thing to be taken care of is purchasing the right office supplies for your work place. There are many established office supply merchants who have gained reputation throughout the years and who claim to sell the best of the goods related articles ranging from office stationery to office furniture. But little did you know about ways and means of curbing your costs incurred on office supplies by logging on to the internet and looking for cheaper office equipments or discount office supplies.

Normally, it is assumed that compromising with the price means compromising with the quality. However, you need not worry because not everything that is cheap refers to a cheap quality of the product. There are a range of new websites on the internet that offer a range of standard quality products at slashed down prices. The major companies involved in this business include heavy prices in the name of shipping and handling costs onto the original equipment. You sometimes end up getting the same product of the same brand without the additional costs from other discount office supplies distributors.

The money saved in the smart purchase of the discounted products can prove to be very useful on your other business endeavors. When it comes to being an entrepreneur you must always think in terms of profit and while you are getting the best deals online for the same product which is otherwise hugely priced at major stores why go for the latter just because it carries the brand name. It’s these small aspects that make a huge difference to your life. Whiteboards for writing down important official announcements or for writing down notes during meetings, papers for printing and faxing, desk staplers and scissors, printers, fax machines, computers, computer table, chairs, paper clips, paper cutters, paper weights, pens and pencils, notepads, calendars and so on are the numerous essential office accessories that are available at well reduced discount prices online. All you need is a little research here and there on the internet and comparison study between the various prices and a complete check on any other hidden charges associated with the product to establish a very economic but sleek office décor at profitable rates.


Patrick Beatty

Rapid Office Supply


Eco-friendly office supplies

March 11, 2010


Eco-friendly office supplies:

Office supplies include the products used day to day in places of business which are items like paper, staples, laser printers, computers, printers, fax machine and so on. Amongst these the most widely used is the paper in many kinds and forms. Paper is manufactured by cutting down millions of trees and this action is highly criticized since it destroys the Earth’s natural habitat. This in turn gives rise to many hazardous consequences. The answer to all these ecologically damaging activities is recycling. To save trees we need to save paper. Also there are other natural resources like steel used in staplers that are abundantly utilized leading to a lot of wastage therein.

Keeping the environment and the non-renewable sources in mind, today many companies are involved in the production of eco friendly office supplies. In this consumption-driven world the use of green office products like recycled paper and other eco-friendly goods slows down depletion of forest resources, extends landfill life and reduces energy consumption thus lessening the effects of global warming in the long run. Besides it is not only eco-friendly  it also turns out to be business-friendly for you by cutting down the costs incurred on regular office supplies and unnecessary mass use of these products.

Manufacturers of environment friendly office supplies provide us with highest quality recycled content, processed chlorine free papers and envelopes, remanufactured office products like MICR Lasers, copier and fax printer toner cartridges and office papers, stationeries, business cards and envelopes all made up of recycled paper. Other frequently used office supplies that are replaced with eco-friendly material are wall calendars, memo pads, desk pads, pocket folders, day timers and appointment calendars. All these are made up of 100% post consumer fibers and 100% recycled paper.

Opting for refurbished office items instead of constantly replacing the old with new is also a good way to contribute to the environment. Refill your laser print cartridges instead of replacing it with a new one. This reduces a lot of landfill waste and avoids unnecessary accumulation of toxic substances present in those cartridges when they are disposed away regularly in huge quantities. There are also printers available that are made up of recycled material. However, without your personal contribution the actual motive of usage of these recycled materials is rather incomplete. So in your own little way you can avoid overuse of these valuable yet simple products in the office by adopting certain means of conservation.

For instance, instead of printing on one side you can utilize both the sides. In fact, if possible you may even want to use email or bulletin boards to further reduce the use of paper. And while we are at it, you may also know that electricity is obtained from sources that may soon face depletion so you can do your part in powering down its usage by making it a habit to turn off your computer, printer, fax machine or scanner when not in use. Adopt these little steps and you are already on your way to securing a promising future to the coming generation.


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